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Just after landing a monster book deal, Maurice Mandles is found dead behind his desk. The evidence seems to point to suicide, but then where is Maurice’s mobile phone? And where is his original manuscript that this investigation seems to revolve around?

In this murder case, fiction and the shuddering reality flow seamlessly into each other. Where does the story end and where does the truth begin? Will Maurice's killer get away with his atrocity or will you rewrite the ending of this case?

A few features of the case:

🕵️Unravel passwords

🕵️ Study real-life websites

🕵️ Track suspects on social media

🕵️ Interrogate your suspects

Rewrite the story to your own idea!

After your purchase, you will receive immediate access to a secure website via your account page. On that website you will find the complete police file, photos, supporting documents, as well as access to your personal assistant.


⭐️ Difficulty level ★★★☆☆

⏳ 180 minutes

🕵🏻‍♀️ More than 60,000 detectives have already investigated this murder case.

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