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When Annie Hurshell suddenly dies, her loved ones and the police are left with a lot of unsolved questions. Why did she want to be cremated? Why was she already in the possession of an urn? And why is that urn already filled with ashes? 


A few features of the case:

🕵️Unravel passwords

🕵️ Study real-life websites

🕵️ Track suspects on social media

🕵️ Interrogate your suspects

🕵️ Decode secret code

Rewrite the story to your own idea!

After your purchase, you will receive immediate access to a secure website via your account page. On that website you will find the complete police file, photos, supporting documents, as well as access to your personal assistant.


Difficulty level ★★★☆☆

⏳ 180 minutes

🕵🏻‍♀️ More than 60,000 detectives have already investigated this murder case.

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